My Obsession With Fall – Favorite, Festive, Findings.

10 Jul

So I thought I would dedicate my first blog post EVER to something I have such an undying love for that I can barely breathe talking about it. The topic you ask???? FALL. Well the classier folk like to call it autumn but I feel Fall rolls off the tongue with a bit more ease, and to be honest I don’t give a shit, Fall sounds better. My eldest sister and I share a passion for this season. We are knee deep in pumpkin filling from September until January. Even if winter does begin in December we celebrate Fall until the end of January, and if it were appropriate I believe we would celebrate this season all year there you go. Some of my favorite Fall things consist of the following:

1. Yankee Candle Fall Flavors (pumpkin pie, autumn leaves, spiced pumpkin..and the list goes on)

2. PUMPKIN lattes (if you have not indulged you suck and are not a “true” new englander)

3. Pumpkin Bread (my mom’s recipe which is AMAZING with cream cheese)

4. Carving pumpkins

5. HALLOWEEN (my favorite holiday hands down i don’t give a shit what anyone else says)

6. Candy corn (I don’t even like eating them but they look that weird?)

7. Apple Crisp

8. Apple picking

9. Dingle berry picking

10. Mulled wine DELICIOUS

11. Foliage

12. I was kidding about number 9..kinda



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