Hangover HELL

11 Jul

There is NOTHING worse than being hungover at work… if ANYONE tries to tell you different then just wind up and slap them across the face. This morning I am trying to be healthy and drink a spinach, blueberry, banana smoothie BUT I find it difficult to swallow the green goo that i usually love so much. AND to be quite honest I wish I were shoving pizza down my throat. My idea of a hangover cure is sweat pants, reality TV, and full on rotting on the couch. It comes to the point that I ask myself, was it REALLY worth going out? Did you really need the 4th blue moon? Did you have to eat 35 bowls of popcorn at 3am? Regardless of this hangover and looking like BUTCH from teen mom at work this morning (with worse hair) I think i’d do it again…maybe i have a problem





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