Things I miss Thursdays

12 Jul

I dont care what ANY hard ass hipster tries to say, if you are a girl and you lived in the 90’s, you LOVED Lisa Frank. Still to this day my heart skips a beat when i see bright pink, orange, blue, green or yellow anything. Even though neon is “in” right now, was it not Lisa that started this crap? Did she not take the average panda bear and make him into a bright blue eye sore? This bitch was ahead of the game, and I THINK she deserves some credit. We all KNOW Jcrew is making out big time with Lisa’s stolen color scheme, and if I were her i’d be pissed. I remember starting a rumble in my 3rd grade classroom over a Lisa Frank puppy folder. Some little slut tried to claim it was hers and doodled all over it, needless to say, it was settled. I’m surprised that in this trendy, neon, frenzy no one is calling Lisa for some inspiration, because truthfully she really did start it all. Thank you bitch, for making my childhood so colorful.


Stinky Stickers. IF any of you are familiar with the book Pat The Bunny then you are already aware that the best part of the whole story is when you get to scratch and sniff the brownie. As a toddler I didn’t quite understand why it smelled so good, and why I wasn’t allowed to eat it. Even as a 20 something year old I still don’t quite understand how they do it. Each of these stinky stickers smelled just like their picture. I recall putting matching ones over my shirt on each boob (no realizing the sexual innuendo) and walking around the house scratching and sniffing. I used to steal my older sisters sticker book and flip through the pages hoping I would find a stinky sticker. When I did, it was over. I would rip it out and realize it was no longer sticky, and i was probably fucked because she was going to know and kill me. Regardless stinky stickers are the real shit, so take a big whiff.



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