It’s FRIDAY The 13th (werewolf howling)

13 Jul

As The talented Rebecca Black would say, “IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, OOWWW!!” I wonder what Rebecca is doing on this WONDERFUL Friday the thirteenth? Singing her little untalented heart out i’m sure. I never really believed the whole superstition of Friday the 13th being bad luck or anything of that sort but some of my co-workers sure do. Actually one refuses to come into the office because it’s Friday the 13th. Hm. I found this a bit interesting, i’m sure her lack of attendance has nothing to do with the 90 degree weather right? To be quite honest i’m jealous, bitch has a point. Maybe tonight in Boston i’ll spot her howling at the moon, or drinking the blood of Innocent 21 year olds? If I DO see any vampires or werewolves i’ll be sure to get a copy of twilight signed and snap a pic for instagram. Other than that everyone enjoy FRIDAY THE 13TH. May the ghosts and ghouls be with you.



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