What Lauren Conrad Brings To The Table…Nothing.

13 Jul

And the most boring person in the world prize goes to…..LAUREN CONRAD. Now I was an avid Laguna Beach watcher and was constantly asking myself why Lauren has the personality of a grape fruit, and who THE HELL gave her a reality show? I was team Kristen ALL the way and was hoping “steeevvvvven” would choose Kristen because Lauren was the most boring person alive. Rumor has it that Lauren and LO (lauren’s best friend) had a bit of a cocaine problem, yet i find that hard to believe due to lauren’s lack of peppiness and her all around BORING persona. Kristen on the other hand is bitchy and kicking. On Laguna she was the ultimate hoe/bitch and owned the HELL out of it. She gave the viewers some entertainment. In the end Kristen won “steevvvven” (thank god) and the relationship turned into nothing (obviously). I do miss Laguna beach and loved the high school drama, reality shows these days lack substance and entertainment. I wonder what Lauren is doing right about now? Gazing at a wall? Mumbling to herself? Applying black eyeliner? Wiping her ass? Something exciting i’m sure! 




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