HEALTHY Mode..Help Me

16 Jul

After a weekend of hangovers, face stuffing, and drinking like a fish, it’s time to get back into HEALTHY mode and I could cry. I realize that Monday is the most depressing day of the week due to the weekends ending and the work weeks beginning, BUT I’ve decided to take a most positive approach to the shitty work week ahead. For one I am not drinking until Friday Thursday, so that means no casual glasses of pinot at night with my mom after work (that sounds so depressing) INSTEAD I’m going to be drinking so much water that it hurts and work out until I cry. All day at work I am constantly sipping gin and juice water and going to the bathroom 10 times a day. I’m 99 percent sure my co-workers think I have a problem, and I really don’t care. I know that the lack of alcohol slash a social life during the week is difficult but it’s needed in order to regain a healthy self and be ready to go harder on the weekends. I know we all hate weekdays like Britney hates being deprived of cheetos but a healthy week leads to an unhealthy (guilt free) weekend. So my advice? Drink water until you puke, eat healthy, don’t drink, work out, and be positive. That sounds so preachy, but it helps to convince myself to maintain the lifestyle all week so I really don’t care.  Help me….is it Friday yet?




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