The Summer Of YOLO?

16 Jul

My friends and I decided this past weekend that this summer is going to be titled as “YOLO” summer. This ghetto acronym (that i used to make fun of CONSTANTLY) fits our lifestyle quite nicely. I wouldn’t be one to live my life following the rules of YOLO but I believe for one summer i could handle it. I think the realization that college is over (for most of us, minus me, due to my post grad year) and the real world is hitting us HARD has caused us to go a little bit crazy. What does YOLO mean one might ask? Well basically doing whatever the hell you want and not giving a shit (you only live once). The implications of YOLO do take a toll on ones body though. Symptoms include: puking, pooping, dizzy spells, crying, screaming, trying to hook up with people who don’t want to, snorting, burping, impulsive eating, headaches, nausea, all over body aching, odd thoughts, a SEVERE craving for alcohol, and impulsive shopping. This weekend I believe each of us experienced one (if not more) of these symptoms. Some of us take YOLO to a bit more of an extreme than others, possibly pushing the limit a little too far. But when this summer ends most of us will have to start a constant 9-5, possibly move out of our humble abodes and become upstanding citizens who have to pay rent. So when it comes down to it, don’t all of us deserve one last hoorah, filled with drinking and partying? Is YOLO not the perfect acronym to describe our one last summer of FREEDOM before society sucks us up? The answer is yes….YOLO



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