FINE FINE iphone…You Win

18 Jul

I have always been an avid blackberry user, since blackberry first started popping off, yet nowadays seeing a blackberry in someone’s hand is rare and kind of embarrassing. I get it, the new thing is the iphone. My issue? I HAVE TMOBILE and they don’t carry the iphone..AHHH…I wouldn’t mind changing companies but I get my cellphone bill covered by my parents roommates still and I REFUSE to let that go. So what’s a girl to do? BBM used to be the cool thing where instant messaging mixed with texting it was all so cool and new…but guess how many BBM friends I have now? zero. I’m the pink elephant in a world full of iphones and I hate it. Part of me wants to switch to the dark side because I will admit the iphone is SO much better than the crackberry but how the hell do you constantly text on a touch screen? And Siri seems like kind of a bitch. It may be my jealously kicking in, but I secretly like my blackberry sometimes. I do like the face time camera on the iphone because selfie’s are pure perfection, but what does Siri have that Google doesn’t?  I can still use the internet, twitter, Facebook etc. I get it, instagram rocks, but do I need to stalk people more than I already do? (yes) The thing is i’m embarrassed whipping out my blackberry to snap pics, I see the dirty looks randos give me at bars, and it pisses me off. My friends make fun of me constantly, and quite honestly I think i’m becoming a loser. I see 3rd graders whispering to one another, giggling at the blonde bitch with her shitty blackberry. LIKE I GET IT. But Kim Kardashian still has the blackberry..does that mean anything these days? (NO) Isn’t she the bees knees of Hollywood? Fine, i’m getting the iphone can everyone get off my back?…YOU WIN.




One Response to “FINE FINE iphone…You Win”

  1. Reetta July 25, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Haha I just died :DD Love you!

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