The Joker Wannabe

24 Jul



If James Holmes doesn’t go to hell, I don’t know who will. This Heath Ledger wannabe is clearly one sick fuck. News reports have stated that his apartment resembled a “mad scientists layer,” and that he had been planning this shooting for months. Exactly at 12am (when he was at the theater shooting) his stereo in his apartment started playing loud techno music for one hour until shutting off at 1am (like what?). I find it so scary to think that there are sick people out there like Holmes walking the streets, with these crazy ideas in their heads. Holmes belonged to many online dating sites and stated that “The first thing people usually notice about me are my soul penetrating eyes.” How friggen creepy is that? If I read that, I would have locked him up on the spot for being a creepy mother fucker. His family said that he is known as a fucked up loser “shy boy,” I guess he’s so shy that he had to kill 12 innocent people? That makes sense…. (not) People are arguing that violent movies such as The Dark Knight, are causing people to do these ludicrous things. But uhhhhhhhhhhh shouldn’t people know wrong from right? Shouldn’t this bastard Holmes know not to go into a movie theater and shoot 12 Innocent people? Clearly not. Movies aren’t the problem, sick fucks are. Movie theaters are considering canceling all 12am showings, and not allowing patrons to dress up for movie premieres, which I am not opposed too. What the fuck is the point of dressing up in a costume anyway??? And at 12am, shouldn’t you either be at a bar, passed out, or getting it on? My thoughts are with those in Colorado who have to deal with such a devastation. Holmes deserves to have his balls chopped off.


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