Things I miss Thursdays

26 Jul



              Carrie and Mr. Big, my all time favorite TV couple. Sex and the City is my favorite show of all time. I have watched it from the beginning and love everything about it. My sister and I used to be obsessed. I hated the movies but loved the show. I have seen each episode probably 100 times..not kidding. I can recite each word of every episode. It’s kind of annoying actually. Carrie was my least favorite character. I thought she was selfish and bitchy. She complained constantly and used each of her friends for venting. She never really cared about anyone else’s issues, jut her own. She was a bitch. She did have a kickin’ bod, and amazing style. She could wear a trash bag and make it look chic. Still to this day I want a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s because of her (and one day i’m fucking getting them). Her job was awesome though I must admit, writing a sex column? where do I sign up? Samantha was my favorite character. I loved how she was old, slutty, and didn’t give a fuck. She always got the hottest men and loved to have sex. She owned her own PR firm and was the man in every relationship. She let her freak flag fly and didn’t care what anyone had to say about it. She also got to date Smith Jared, who was a 10. He was so hot I couldn’t stand it. Miranda was kind of a frigid bitch. She was a Harvard Grad and a lawyer(boring) but was kinda mean which I liked. She was ugly the first couple seasons but as time went on got better looking. I think her man haircut is what turned me off the most, not a good look. I think she was Carrie’s true best friend. She stood up to Carrie the most which was pretty admirable, everyone else was scared of her. Charlotte was a prissy, park avenue, princess, who had family money. She was preppy and conservative. I never really understood how she got along with them but she did. She always wore the preppiest thing imaginable and rocked pearls like no other. She was the only one that really cared about true love and the idea of a husband and soul mate. As Carrie would say the “eternal optimist.” I loved how they were all constantly drinking cosmopolitans, and Carrie always had a butt in her mouth, smoking like a chimney. Carrie also never cooked, I mean NEVER. She went out every night, her life was amazing. I really wanted Carrie and Mr. Big to end up together, it was meant to be. For years she chased him and finally she got him (thank god). I did love Aidan though. He was so cute and adored her. I just don’t think he was New York City enough for her. He lacked the pizzazz that Mr. Big exhibited. He was fine with eating fried chicken in bed while Carrie went out on the town (fucking depressing). When they put him in the second movie I almost died. It was so fucking dumb, it made no sense. Yeah lets run into an ex boyfriend in the middle east? Like what the fuck. As I said the movies were ludicrous and nothing like the show. I always wanted Mr.Big and Carrie to have a baby, but we all know that Carrie would make the shittiest mother. I wish HBO would have a reunion episode PLEASE I would LLOOOOOVVVEEEEEE it. We all know that’s not going to happen…mother fucker.

                     I abso-fucking-lutely miss Sex And The City so much I could die.







One Response to “Things I miss Thursdays”

  1. Elizabeth July 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    Absolutelyyyy love this. Carrie is the most selfish betch ever. Great abs, they def made her nose look smaller in that first photo with Big. It’s all about nursing and nipples! Magda was the tits. Now you have ruined my marriage and my lunch. I couldn’t help but wonder….

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