Frumpy Friday

27 Jul

   Image       A rainy Friday……how fun!!!!!!!  I walked into the lobby of my office building this morning and fell on my face walking up the marble stairwell. My slutty self believes that my fall was due to the slippery ground and my old Jack Rogers,(sorry to cheap to buy new ones, screw off.) I looked around thinking I could laugh it off if anyone saw me, but  realized that I was a fucking fool laughing at myself. I rushed on to the elevator in desperation to get away from the crime scene and realized that there is a camera in the hallway where I fell. We all fucking know some security guard somewhere in the building is laughing his fucking ass off. To be honest I probably made his day. At that moment I became aware of how horrible Friday work days truly are. Some people walk around the office all day cheery,excited for the weekend. Their constantly Smiling and winking at everyone they pass by like they have a secret….but guess what? I know your secret. It’s Friday. I mean i’m excited about the weekend also but getting through a work day on a Friday is so hard for me. At times I catch myself giving dirty looks for no reason. I look at the clock constantly and realize it’s only been ten minutes since my last glance. My work outfit is always wicked shitty on Fridays and I think people are starting to catch on and I don’t care. The worst hour of the whole day is 2:30. YOU FEEL AS THOUGH you’ve been at work a full day but still have 2 1/2 more hours….UGH! My office is next to Fidelity and there are constantly tall brunettes chatting in the bathroom about their weekend plans. I hide in the stall embarrassed about my Friday outfit and my damp hair from the shower. Like why can’t I pull off red lipstick and a slicked back bun? Is it because i’m 5’3 and have a big head? These skanks know what’s up. My black dress is nothing compared to their big girl suits. My brown Longchamp looks like a paper bag after checking out their leather briefcases. Like we all get it, YOU’RE COOLER THAN ME. Fine you win. Lets move on. Seven hours from now the weekend will begin and to be honest I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO COME! Until then keep truckin’ work world.

                                                                      Adios bitches. 




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