Fucked Up Foursome

1 Aug



       Why these four people have to exist is beyond me. I mean, I just don’t fucking get it. They legit all suck. They think they are the SHIT and that no one else matters. The truth of the matter is that they are losers. I liked Beyonce’s music way back when and Jay-z’s, but i’m sorry now they act like they are fucking Jesus Christ. First they name their mutant child Blue Ivy which is fucking stupid and then they spend millions on the little shit’s baby get away (nursery). I also heard that Beyonce is a stuck up bitch, who has Jay-z on a mother fucking leash. Apparently after a Victoria Secret fashion show Jay-z REFUSED to take pictures with the models in “respect” to Beyonce’s wishes. Like WTF? What’s going to happen? You’re going to get so horny that you might just start humping one of the models? Their relationship seems crazy stable….And then there’s Kim and Kayne…do I even need to comment? So Kim is married for 5 minutes to a special needs basketball player that she hired in order to make money, and it’s just a coincidence that she starts dating a famous rapper right after? Hm. Clearly a publicity stunt. This fake ass (literally) bitch is famous for nothing. Oh I’m sorry, she’s famous for leaking her own sex tape directed by her mother. Glad she’s making the big bucks…she should be proud. I wonder if any of them are even human at all. I bet when they get together they unzip themselves and green aliens step out.

                                                        I hate them all. 





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