The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Will Never Be The Same

1 Aug

ALERT! ALERT! Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif are over, and i’m so upset. I am an avid RHW (of anything) watcher and the fact that Adrienne and  Paul are no longer an item pisses me off. I loved them on the first two seasons and I don’t get it, they seemed so happy. I hope this doesn’t mean that Adrienne won’t be on the next season because i’ll be so pissed. Shit’s going to hit the fan if that’s true. Looking at Kyle’s manly hands gets boring after awhile. And we all know that Kim is probably drunk in a ditch somewhere or dead, so she’s not going to be much entertainment this upcoming season. Whenever I think of Kim, I imagine a raspy voiced crack addict with pink smudged lipstick, chugging a McCafe. Camille’s been out because of Kelsey Grammar and his bullshit. Skinny ass Brandi is a waste of time so i don’t even care if she’s on next season. Her Leanne Rimes wanna be ass can eat cat shit for all I care. Fucking Taylor was a mess last season (understandable due to husbands suicide) but I have to say that the fact that they continued the show as a bit unreal and crazy. I do love Lisa though. I love how she is obsessed with the color pink, and her nugget dog jiggy. She is a stuck up bitch but who isn’t these days? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is going down the shitter, who are we kidding? Such a disappointment. I can’t wait for the season to start because no matter what happens i’ll still watch. BUT I am SOOOOOOOOOOO upset about Adrienne and Paul. Marriages don’t last these days, even the reality show ones…who would have thought?

                                                             Adrienne + Paul = RIP





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