Things I Miss Thursdays…

2 Aug



   Still to this day I get nervous when I see Ms. Agatha Trunchbull. Even on my shittest days I don’t look as ugly as her. I loved the movie Matilda when i was younger and miss it so much. I remember getting nervous when Trunchbull would appear on the screen, her chocolate cake loving ass was one scary bitch. I had nightmares as a child of getting put in the Chokey. A little room with fucking nails and glass sticking out of the walls? Sounds like the scariest thing on earth. I was always jealous of Matilda’s magically powers, dancing around the room with cheerios flying everywhere, now that’s what I would call a good time. Bruce Bogtrotter was also one of my favorite’s I think it was because he stood up to Trunchbull and ate her fucking chocolate cake. I didn’t understand how he finished it, the cake was huge. I was impressed needless to say. I was so happy when Ms. Honey finally adopted Matilda. Yet looking back on it, it was kind of a fucked up movie for kids to be watching. I mean a story about a girl with magically powers that has an abusive family life, then gets adopted by her teacher? Sounds like a fucking nightmare to me.

                                                     Regardless the movie was unreal.









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