Must Haves On A Monday!

6 Aug

Instead of talking about how shitty Monday’s are (which we all know). I thought I would discuss some things that everyone MUST HAVE on this miserable amazing Monday. SOOOO Portsmouth just opened a Bobbles and Lace if you are not familiar skanks, it is the BEST store ever. Andover, Newburyport, and Marblehead have them (prep central). This store has every type of jewelry you could imagine, and is not crazy expensive. I find it difficult staying away when I work in downtown Portsmouth. They also have amazing clothes BUT I think they are a little pricey because of how cheaply made they are (just my thoughts). Next to Bobbles is a store called Pretty Little Things, I found (for $20 YUP) the sideways cross necklace that I have been looking for forever!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fucking awesome, and I love it. It comes in gold and silver, i’m more of a gold person but for those who shy away silver is cute to. It hangs perfectly on everyone’s neck and looks real. All the celebs have the real one but they are pretty pricey. BUT the one I got for $20…….come on how can anyone say no? GO AND CHECK IT OUT BITCHES!Image

Sock Buns!!!!!!! Now I have always thought it was so hard to do a Sock Bun…….BUT my cousin taught me how to do it and now I cant stop.




1. A sock-  (1 or 2) The bigger the better!! and have it KIND OF match your hair color Blondes- gray or white Brunettes- brown, or black etc

2. Two elastics- I suggest the thicker ones because they hold better

3. Two bobby pins-any size will do


So what YOU do first is take your sock (or two socks depending on how big you want it) and cut off the end where your toes go. So you will have two open ends. Now roll down starting at one side making a doughnut shape. Here you can be creative and make the sock as thick as you want doubling up if necessary, AS LONG as it looks like a doughnut and has a hole in the middle. Now put your hair in a pony tail using 1 of the elastics make sure the pony tail is high and tight because that’s how high your bun will be. Now take your doughnut shaped sock and put your pony through the hole in the middle. So it will look like a scrunchi around your pony. No take the pony tail and water fall it around the doughnut so you cannot see the doughnut any longer. Now take the second elastic and put it around the doughnut once! Placing it there so you will have a bun will hair sticking out all over the sides. NOW FINALLY take the left over hair sticking out and spin it around the bun anyway you want. YOU SHOULD have the bun. NOW use the 2 bobby pins to secure the left over hair. Sluts at this point you should have a perfect Sock Bun like a celeb. BOOM.





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