What Ever Happened To…

7 Aug

    What was my slutty 8th grade go to outfit you might ask? Why my Uggs and mini skirt of course!!!! I don’t care what any of you fuckers out there want to say… I LOVE AND MISS MINI SKIRTS AND UGGS. It was my Doug Funny outfit for the weekends. I felt like a preppy slut when I wore the Uggs Mini combo. Seriously, Abercrombie made a fucking mean mini skirt, all cut and frayed like a homeless mans jeans, it was the fucking best. To be honest I miss it. I think that my pink Uggs were a bit extreme but once I eased into the chestnut I looked better. The combo went great with an Abercrombie T and silver hoops. I don’t get how these younger girls can afford True Religion jeans at the age of 11….I walk around and see little skanks dressed better than I am. It was cool back in the day to wear A&F and now girls are decked in the newest arrivals from Nordstrom. My friends and I did not roll that way. What is American becoming???? A country where middle schooler’s rock Frye boots? Get the fuck out of here. WE NEVER did any of that shit, our treat was a black North Face jacket that we had to beg our parents for which we never took off and accumulated more blonde hair than what’s on my head. Now these little fuckers have puffy North Face’s hitting the ground, with fur, and hoods, like seriously? I must say I have upgraded to a black Patagonia but when it comes down to it, it’s the same thing. I do still wear chestnut Uggs….but not in public.

                I miss the old days. The world’s gone to shit.








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