Mustache Mondays!

13 Aug


What mustached man is making me horny on this lovely Monday…HULK HOGAN! The man, the myth, the legend is a mustached hero that has been rocking serious facial hair for years. Though he may (and by may I mean does) dye his mustache yellow  blonde he is still a hero in my eyes. I used to LOVE the Hogan reality show but as we all know like most reality TV stars their ideal family fell apart. Well I think the fact that Linda was bangin’ Brookes high school friend was what caused the initial turmoil but other family members helped also. Nick got in a car accident (under the influence obivously) and almost killed his friend that was in the passengers seat. He did some jail time but since he’s a Hogan got out early. Brooke became a talentless asshole music mogul, screeching her way to the top. And well poor Hulk was left with nothing, so he started dating a girl his daughter’s age and followed his wife’s example. I do feel bad for Hulk I think that Linda took him for everything he had, while she scored some hot younger dish. At the end of the day Hulk is a legend, he will go down in history for his orange skin and yellow hair.




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