What The Fuck..Wednesday

15 Aug


Run for cover mother fuckers.. Farrah from Teen Mom came out with a god damn book. If any of you are not familiar with Teen Mom then let me give you a little insight to Farrah Abraham. She is a teen mom of a two year old demon named Sophia (ugliest nugget i’ve ever seen). She got pregnant by her asshole boyfriend who died in a car accident before even being aware that Farrah was with child. She has the most annoying voice on the planet and treats her parents like chicken shit. She is also the ugliest crier I have EVER seen, her face swells to twice it’s size while causing her to look like shes choking on vomit. She moved from the crappiest place on earth (Iowa) to Florida to be a little slut in a skimpy bikini. I can’t IMAGINE what her book is about. I mean the name alone is retarded, “My teenage dream ended”…. hm. how clever. Yeah it ended because you were an idiot and got pregnant at 16. SO CREATIVE..not. If you don’t watch the show that’s fine (well it’s not but i’ll let it go) you should AT LEAST watch a few scenes with Farrah in them to see what i’m talking about. I don’t want to read the book…but I think I have to for journalist purposes..I’m sure it’s very well written and quite captivating (yeah fucking right) I’m scared if I flip open the cover her huge fake boobs will slap me in the face like a pop up book. So Snooki writes a book and now a Teen Mom??? What’s next?

I hate the world.






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