Skin Care Perfection! SERIOUSLY!

20 Aug

      I have found a way to get flawless skin. SERIOUSLY. So since my 23rd birthday is around the corner I decided it was about time to start using an anti-wrinkle cream (call me crazy but it’s time 20 somethings). So I bought OLAY 7 total effects face lotion and I am not kidding it is the BEST face lotion I have ever used. It makes your skin look flawless and feel like a baby’s ass. It has SPF 15 which is just the right amounts and smells great. I also bought BB cream. For those who are not familiar with this miracle product it’s sold at most drugs stores and is fairly inexpensive. I am usually a Sephora whore but there’s no need. Buy the cheaper stuff it’s the same thing! It comes  in fair, light, medium, and dark. It’s a lotion with tiny beads through out it that helps your skin look clear and blends blemishes to make them non existent. I bought the Loreal one and it’s friggen awesome. I use the OLAY after I wash my face or get out of the shower and then put the BB cream on. The combination is fucking awesome and I suggest everyone goes out and tries it. The sooner you start using anti wrinkle cream the less wrinkles you will have when you’re older (or so people claim). The OLAY 7 total effects is a bit pricey at round 23 dollars but the BB cream is only 10 or so. Regardless of the price it really does make your face look amazing. I have had two people at work comment on my skin today….chew on that my friends.

                                               GO OUT AND TRY IT BITCHES!








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