Hannah Montana Goes Crazy

21 Aug

                I hate Miley Cyrus almost as much as I hate Kunty Stewart. Her lack of musical talent is one thing but then she has the audacity to actually try and act in movies. And when I say try I mean suck serious ass. I think she is one of the ugliest people of the planet. She is so ugly that it hurts. So any of you who live in a hole and have not seen her new HIDEOUS hair cut then you have to take a peek. It looks as though Edward Scissor hands went at her head in a furious rant. I fucking hate it. Is she trying to be Pink or Ellen? I don’t get it, and I don’t think she does either. I don’t understand why she would do something as drastic as cutting all her ugly hair off. ESPECIALLY because she is engaged. To one HOT piece of ass Liam Hemsworth. I’d slap Miley right across the god damn face if I had the chance. I’m so serious. I hope Liam breaks her talentless heart. Done.




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