Things I Miss Thursday..

23 Aug

Image            Do you remember these stick on earrings?? I used to go crazy for them. I would be so pissed off because they wouldn’t stay on for that long and they would unstick and I used to flip out. I remember putting them all over my face thinking I looked amazing when I really looked like a special person. My favorite were the diamond shaped ones because I used to think they were real. What a fool I was.

Image              Whenever I would go to the grocery store with my mom I would beg her for a pack of Fruit Stripe. She usually gave in because of how annoying I was. This fruit flavored treat kept it’s flavor for MAYBE ten seconds before you felt as though you were chewing on a condom. The wrapper also used to have the ability to be a tattoo that you could put on your tongue it was awesome. I miss it.

Image       It Takes Two was the best movie ever. I thought it was so cool how you could have a look alike that you’ve never met before. I used to think one day I would find someone who looked just like me (still hasn’t happened). This movie was where Kristie Alley was in her prime. No Fat Actress shit. I wanted to live in that house on the lake so bad.. it was amazing. Amanda had a bed chalk full of every stuffed animal you could ever imagine. This movie made me want to go to summer camp on a lake it looked like it was a real good time. I miss the Olsen twins, I wish they weren’t anorexic and addicted to coke. Things would be so much better. Life was easier back then.



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