Things I miss Thurdays…

30 Aug


The number one thing that I am missing on this Thursday morning is Barbie Power Wheels! When I was younger I wanted one of these bad ass trucks so bad. One Christmas Santa (mom and dad) blessed me with this trendy automobile. Mine was red and kicking. The piece of shit only lasted 20 minutes before you had to plug it into the garage to charge. It was still amazing though. I would never let my little sister sit shot gun. I used to make her cry and plead to get a ride. My best friend and I would roam along my driveway before the battery would die out and fuck our afternoon up. I miss Barbie Power Wheels, I would still drive one now a days if I could. Fuck I miss it.



The second thing that I miss DESPERATELY are Trolls. I used to love playing with these little creatures when I was younger. They smelled like new plastic and had the coolest colored hair. My mom even bought us clothes for our trolls. I would try and sleep with them as though they were teddy bears and I would wake up in the middle up the night in agony because a fucking trolls was digging into my stomach. I mean they were hard plastic. A lot of people dress up as trolls for Halloween and I think it’s the best costume ever. They slick there hair up with moose and dye it a vibrant color, or wear a crazy wig, then they dress in a skin colored body suits and stick a huge jewel where their belly button is. I wish I had the guts to do it. I MISS TROLLS!




One Response to “Things I miss Thurdays…”

  1. mary September 6, 2012 at 7:38 pm #

    I wanna do thissssss so bad

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