Hungover Friday

31 Aug



             I am so hungover today I could die. I walked into work looking like a hot mess. My blouse is buttoned the wrong way, I don’t think i’m wearing a bra and I have black eye liner down to my lips. I look like shit and feel like shit.  I went to my friends 21st last night and didn’t realize what the repercussions were going to be. Waking up this morning and driving an hour to work was fucking hell. I realize that 9-5 is basically everyone’s life but seriously I think work should be optional on Fridays. If you have shit to do, go in. If you don’t..then lounge all day drink Starbucks, and watch reality TV. Those are my feelings at least. No work gets done on Friday’s anyway. Seriously none. Thursday is such a huge drinking night that it only seems to make sense to have Friday off. At least we have a long weekend ahead of us. MY BIRTHDAY is on Monday. Yes. I turn 23…fucking sucks. I might hide under blankets on the couch all day hoping i stay 22 forever. I hate my birthday. It is legit at the worst time ever. I’m so serious. Fucking September 3rd? IT SUCKS. When I was younger school always started on my birthday and no one gave a shit that it was my day of birth. And now everyone is busy celebrating labor day and the end of summer so I get shafted. I actually blame my parents for getting busy around Christmas time. Kind of selfish of them. I would like my birthday to be in October. It’s my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite Holiday. So thanks Mom and Dad. I think i’ll spend this weekend drinking away my sorrows while trying to forget that school starts WEDNESDAY. Jesus it sucks. Summer is over. Done, gone. I am excited for fall though…favorite season hands down. I love everything about it. Well I hope this hangover passes and I can be normal again..please god. ENJOY LABOR DAY! I WON’T!







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