Things I Miss Thursday….

6 Sep


The thing I am missing MOST on this shitty Thursday is Lip Smackers!!!! I remember spreading this crap all over my face. I used to love the different flavors. I refused to leave any CVS without making my mom buy me one of these unreal bad boys. My favorite ones were the sparkly creamy ones. My favorite flavor was 2000 cookies. They made this amazing flavor because of the year 2000, and the millennium. They were so cool and sparkly. Still to this day when I go into a CVS or Walgreens I am drawn towards the Smackers section. I might buy one again just for kicks.



The second thing that I am missing like crazy are Butterfly Clips! I think my Mom loved these just as much as we did. We had millions laying around the house. My favorite style was the corn row Butterfly Clip look, it was very sophisticated. I used to clip these little guys in my hair before school everyday. One of our neighbors even wore these clips in her hair for the Prom. It was so ugly I couldn’t stand it (sorry if you’re reading this but it’s true.) But hey I guess that was the style of the 90’s so good for her. I miss butterfly clips, if you see a blonde girl at a bar in Boston rocking some I swear it’s not me.



The third thing I am missing LIKE CRAZY on this Thursday morning are Jellies! I owned many pairs, my favorite being a clear high heeled pair that turned yellow shortly after wearing them outside the house ( I don’t know what my Mom was thinking). They used to make your feet smell like rubber and were wicked uncomfortable but very stylish. I would wear a pair these days if they still made them. I think Crocs became the new Jellies which was clearly a mistake.



These were the EXACT PAIR I owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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