Friday’s Here Have No Fear!

7 Sep


            Finally it’s here! The day we have all been waiting for FRIDAY. Even though it has been a short week due to labor day, I feel this week has gone by so slow I could die. So let’s chat about the VMA’s last night, shall we? Well to start with Rhianna’s performance was insanity. She clearly worships the devil or is on some scary shit that I can’t comprehend. So prompts to her I guess. I think the best part of the night was when they put the camera on Lil Wayne and he was listening to his head phones not paying attention to the show at all. Pretty legit. I guess he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Fathering 5 kids from 5 different Mothers is a tough job. But hey, somone’s gotta do it. One Direction won a bunch of awards which I wasn’t really surprised by. In Europe they are so popular it is absurd. When I was in Ireland all they would play was One Direction. I hated it. The number ONE THING THAT PISSED ME OFF was that Lil Wayne lip synced when he was rapping live??? IS THAT ALLOWED??? I couldn’t believe it. Taylor Swift ended the night singing the most annoying song ever (we are never, ever, getting back together.) I hate it so much..yet can’t seem to stop singing/listening to it. Whatever YOU WIN TAYLOR, YOU WIN. Like I hate how her music is catchy and I listen to it all the time. My office is so dead today because Obama is in Portsmouth and everyone is freaking out!!! It’s not like he’s the President or anything. I’m hoping this means I can duck out of here early and start my non stop drinking binge. The woman I work with just walked by me and I got a STRONG whiff of Clinique Happy..are you allowed to wear that anymore? Not only has she made me sick to my stomach but now I can’t stop thinking about the Legally Blonde scene when Elle sprays herself with the devilish scent. I used to shower in it 8th-10th grade, before I realized I smelled like a Mall worker and that I made people gag when they walked by me.

                                                               Whelp TGIF mo fo’s!









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