10 Sep



                        FALL is my all time favorite season..hands down. I love everything about it. Today is the first day I think it actually feels like Fall out. The weather is cooler, with a little bit of a breeze, and the sun isn’t what it used to be. My little sister and I went to the Mall this weekend and wandered into Yankee candle. I can usually stay in there for about 2 minutes before I start gagging from all the difference scents coming at me at once but I bared the elements and sucked it up in search of the new fall scents. Some are pretty awesome I must say. My Mom is a candle whore and I think I am beginning to take after her because I can’t seem to get enough candles. My favorite that I sniffed was Whoopie Pie. It smelled just like a fucking Whoopie Pie, it was insane. My all time favorite candle still has to be Pumpkin Pie. I could burn it all year. Pumpkin is my favorite scent for everything and I never get sick of it. Yankee also has this new flavor which is Butter Cream mixed with Pumpkin Pie, It’s amaze balls and probably my next purchase. Last week I also let myself indulge in a pair or boots. I am only allowing myself to buy three pairs this year because I usually go a little crazy when they come out. I am DYING for a pair of Frye boots, but I am saving myself until I find the exact pair I want. I am also kind of excited to wear my Uggs again. I don’t let myself wear them outside of the house but wearing them around the house is so worth it, they feel like slippers and I don’t care how ugly or trashy they are, I still love them. Pinterest has some amazing fall recipes that I am PUMPED to try. My sister made a Pumpkin Crisp last year and it was so good and also wicked easy. In our house we try to find as many excuses to use pumpkin as we can because we are obsessed with it. HAPPY MONDAY FALL!










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