Jessica Simpson Needs Some Help.. ASAP

11 Sep


For any of you who have been living under the couch for the past year and are not aware of Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy and EXTREME weight gain then here’s a little update..Jessica Simpson got pregnant and gained probably 100 pounds (no joke) before pooping out Maxwell who is actually a little girl (retarded) not boy. She is engaged to a nobody and most likely bought her own engagement sad. I for one actually like J Simpson. I think she is naturally beautiful and can sing. My issue is that she had the baby and still looks like a whales vagina. Weight Watchers gave her a 4 Million dollar contract to lose weight on their system (aka get surgery and hire a personal trainer.) So the new WW commercial has come out and they only show J Simps head….the reason being that she has not lost the baby weight yet. If any of you remember the show Newly Weds then you are aware of how beautiful Jessica once was. Her and Nick Lacey were the best looking couple in Hollywood. After their divorce Jessica went down hill a bit. She frequented the Chinese Buffet a little too often. I love Jessica and hope she does get back to her 2004 body but I don’t really think that’s going to happen. The new show “Katie” (Katie Couric’s new talk show aka white Oprah) starts soon and she has the first interview with Jessica. Some photo’s/footage has leaked and one can see that Jessica is still munching on Cheetos and carrying around a few (50) extra pounds.

                                                       I still love you J.

No matter what happens i’m rooting for you big mama!!







One Response to “Jessica Simpson Needs Some Help.. ASAP”

  1. Jessica simpson October 23, 2012 at 3:49 am #

    Hahaha!!! I just landed on your blog bc of the title. My name is Jessica Simpson too, and just like my namesake – have put on a few pounds. I will quit frequenting the Chinese buffet too!

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