Brittany and Abby Hensel

12 Sep


No you are not drunk and seeing double…this is one person with two heads. If any of you are not avid TLC viewers then you are not aware of the new show Abby and Brittany. Abby and Brittany Hensel are Minnesota natives that were born as conjoined twins. Due to the unique way that they were connected they could not be surgically fixed. They share one body and have two heads. There each have their own set of lungs, stomach, heart etc. BUT they do share reproductive organs (aka one vagina). My sister and I have become OBSESSED WITH THE SHOW and the two headed ladies. I have even gone as far as to find them on facebook and friend them…(they have 500 friends, probs won’t accept but so worth a shot.) If you have not seen the show I recommend you watch it ASAP, it’s like viewing a science project. They are 22 years old and just graduated from a school in Minnesota. They drive, have friends, and live a completely normal life. Things I find a little odd..they share a dinner always because otherwise they get too full if they get two dinners, they always share drinks which grosses me out, AND here is the oddest part of it all…they each can only feel their side of the body, meaning that they each have one leg and one arm to work with. They had to learn to coordinate with one another to walk, pick things up, etc. The whole thing blows my fucking mind. They each have a social security number and their own drivers licenses + passports. They studied abroad in London and lived there alone, and are trying to become elementary school teachers. One thing that I do feel  horrible about, is that I don’t see how they will ever have a real relationship with a guy. If the guy dates one he clearly has to date the other also AND THEY SHARE A VAGINA….how does that work? I have questions that need to be answered!!!!!!!!!! I also want to know if they get drunk and what happens when that goes down. Imagine being shitfaced at a party and seeing them or even worse BEING STONED…..I would think I was hallucinating. They are completely normal though, and if I saw them walking down the street i’d give them a high five.







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