Things I miss Thursday!!!!!!!!!

13 Sep


Johnathan Taylor Thomas SWOON! Ladies take your tops off!!!!I used to have the biggest crush on Johnathan Taylor Thomas, I’m not sure if it’s because he had three first names of because he looked like a gay backstreet boy, but I still think he’s hot. My older sister and I used to physically fight over him like we knew him personally. For some reason my mom got us a huge framed picture of him with a fake autograph on it and I think we fought over it so much that it ended up in the attic with a crack in it. His voice was like angels farting, it was perfect. My favorite movie was Man Of the House. The apartment they lived in was so cool. It’s my dream apartment these days. I wonder what he’s doing now? Besides having sex with multiple male partners (he’s openly gay.) Still my dream man….

BUT never date a guy with two first names let alone me.




OMG I used to be TERRIFIED of Tales From The Crypt. If I was allowed to stay up late enough to watch it I would always regret it because I would have nightmares for weeks. My older sister used to watch it alone in the dark at night (it was wicked fucked up) I think she has developed a anxiety disorder because of it. The show was so scary I couldn’t believe it. Like what kind of show has a host that’s a skeleton..that’s just fucking weird. I used to think the stories were going to happen to me..I still kinda do. This was like Are You Afraid Of The Dark for bad asses. It took  the whole scary thing to another level. I kinda want to watch it for old time sake but I know i’ll freak myself out. Sometimes if I’m wicked…like wicked hungover..I kinda look like the skeleton except I think my hair is thinner.



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