21 Sep



       HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! My number one excitement at this moment is that tonight I am going to drink Captain Morgans, diet ginger ale, and lime… how sad. I am also very excited to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Today I am actually wearing my new fall boots for the first time all season. I must admit it feels a little weird having my feet completely enclosed, it actually makes me miss summer a tiny bit. I also have begun to lose my tan which stresses me the fuck out. I used to be an avid tanning bed user until I realized I was going to get Cancer so now I don’t go. Since the Iphone 5 came out, my office is bouncing off the walls. Everyone wants it. Of course I legit JUST got the Iphone4s….figures. I heard there isn’t that much of a difference anyway, so I don’t feel that bad. 

                                                         T        G       I      F





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