Monday’s Are Shit On A Stick

24 Sep

Image       I hate Mondays more than anything. My hangover is still looming from my escapades of Friday-Sunday and I pretty much hate myself…no I for sure hate myself actually. I feel like I have to go for a 30 mile run in order to work off my consumption of alcohol. Yesterday was a Sunday funday though for shizzle. My friends and I went to Legal Harbor Side for one of my friends 23rd birthdays and I loved every minute of it. I am usually not a fan of 15 dollar a glass shit Pinot Grigio but for an amazing view it was well worth it. After we ventured to The Legal Test kitchen where I had the best mussels ever. I love seafood so much I can’t stand it. Not to mention the truffle oil mac&cheese. I could legit eat truffle oil on paper towel I love it so much. I don’t think anyone in Boston utilizes the Seaport area enough. It’s beautiful. We always end up at the same bar night after night in Fanueil. I mean i’m not complaining it’s a fucking good time but having a change of pace is needed sometimes.

I love Boston though, everything about it..dirty water included





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