Things I Miss Thursday!!!!!!!

27 Sep

Image      Do you guys remember these? Orbitz was supposed to be the new futuristic drink but it never really stuck. I remember the first time I say Orbitz was on the Rosie O’donell show, she introduced it as the new thing. I used to beg my Mom to let me get one even though i didn’t even really like them…they were just “cool.” It was weird having tiny balls slide down your throat..not something i’m a fan of. One time I got one and spilled the entire thing in the back of my parents new Suburban..I was in so much trouble. It was WICKED STICKY and tiny balls were everywhere for months.



          Blow up furniture used to the cool thing to have in your room, I don’t get what happened. I used to have a purple blow up chair with pink feathers in it. Limited Too carried these blow up wonders in every style…I wanted all of them. Limited Too used to be my favorite place of earth. The first bra I ever got was from Limited Too and the creepiest part is that my older sister still wears it…(embarrassing) I used to have my birthday parties at the Burlington Mall and after dining at Rain Forest Cafe each person was allowed to pick one item from LTD2 I always went for the lip gloss…obvi. I don’t even think they have LTD2 anymore, I think they now call it Justice or some stupid bullshit. My favorite piece of clothing that I owned from LTD2 was my pink Scrunchie shirt. The concept actually made no fucking sense. The shirt was made for a doll and came in one size but stretched enough for everyone to fit in it. It was pretty fucked up and weird…but I loved it.







           Um. Please tell me you guys owned Starter Jackets???????? I find it creepy that my older sister and I did to be honest. I mean I don’t even really understand where the fuck my parents got them??? Goodwill? Mine was Orlando Magic and my sisters was the Hornets. We legit never watched sports and had no idea about either of these teams. WE used to wear these sexy pull overs to school daily. The worst part of it all was that these swishy jackets clashed HORRIBLY with our uniforms. Yes I wore a uniform for a good part of my life. I have to say Starter Jackets were wicked comfortable. I wouldn’t mind wearing one nowadays… The only people who wear them now are homeless men living in boxes on the streets of Boston. I might bring the trend back…watch out.Image


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