4 Oct



        What am I missing on this Thursday? Wilson from Home Improvement. What the hell was his deal anyway? Why did he give such good advice and why didn’t we get to see him? He was the fucking George Feeny for adults. He really creeped me out. There was always an excuse as to why you couldn’t see his face, it didn’t even make sense. His hats were pretty legit though I gotta say.






             I miss Gak so much. It was the coolest thing. Nickelodeon was bad ass when it came to slimy products. I wanted slime poured all over my body so badly. I heard actually that it tasted like bubble gum, which was kind of a turn off. Still to this day I would allow anyone to pour Nick slime all over me. Swear to God.



           Do you remember when Heinz came out with Purple Ketchup?? The idea was so stupid. So obviously I made my Mom buy it. After squirting it on everything that needed ketchup I realized how gross it looked. I still ate it obviously but wasn’t really a fan of the purple slime there after.



          The Great Mouse Detective was one of my favorite movies. I used to get so scared of it that I couldn’t watch it alone. Ratigan was the scariest villain ever. He was an extra large rat that claimed he was a mouse and wanted to take over. I used to be so nervous watching any scene with his scary ass in it.





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