Do you Remember?

15 Apr

ImageSuckers from the 80’s/90’s with straight hair must remember these precious gems. I remember the sight of these pieces of shit would bring tears to my eyes. When the holidays came around I ran for cover, knowing what my Mom had in store. We had thousands of these foam curlers stored underneath our bathroom sink. I recall crying while my mom combed my wet hair and wrestled me to put them in. I looked like a 90 year old woman and didn’t quite understand why I had to wear them. The shitty thing was that THEY NEVER WORKED. My older sister and I’s hair would look awful. Our Mom would make us sleep in them and half way through the night I would always take them out in a fit of rage. The next day my Mom would brush out our curls (which made no sense what so ever) to make our hair look like we got struck by lightening. The best part of the whole process was when my Mom would lick her hand and try to tame our hair with her saliva. It was awesome smelling like spit and looking like a special person on Christmas, Easter, and any other time she felt like she wanted to punish us. Kids these days have it so easy I went through hell to look good.


PLEASE  Note: The photo above is real and of my older sister..notice the spit hair.






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