Truth Life: I’m Addicted To Chocolate.. And Anything Else That’s Edible

16 Apr


We have a snack cabinet at work. Yeah that’s right..a S-N-A-C-K  C-A-B-I-N-E-T  I wouldn’t care if it contained healthy goods BUT it has chocolate covered everything. You name it and it’s chocolate covered and living in our cabinet. So today I decided I was not allowed to go near the cabinet and if I did I wasn’t allowed to eat for the rest of the day. At work i’m kinda like Bruce from Matilda. I truly think snacks should be illegal. Imagine a world where meals were all you had and snack’s didn’t exist. I think my gym would shut down and I also think I would look like Giselle. Today i wore my gym clothes to work so that I would have to work out at lunch. Spring is here and it’s time to get my ass into shape…REAL quick.



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