I Hate Kids These Days

22 Apr


When I was younger this time of the year meant playing outside non stop. I remember my dad would unplug the TV and write on a piece of paper “go outside” and tape it to the screen. We were then forced to be outside for hours and it was awesome. Kids don’t do that shit anymore. They instead sit inside and eat while complaining to their parents about how some kid made fun of them for crying when chocolate milk ran out at the cafeteria. I’m so sick of these little shits complaining constantly. I blame the parents for lazy parenting. If I ever complained to my parents I would get yelled at. My father instilled fear in us. He was never a ‘friend’, he was parent who would kick your ass if you got annoying. My favorite thing EVER when I was younger was Skip It. I used to wrap that bastard around my ankle and skip for hours. I think at one point i got up to 900 skips. My sister had a purple one and I had pink (obviously). Sometimes I think having a Skip It would still be awesome, It’s pure cardio and would probably kick my ass into shape right quick. Kids these days need something like a Skip It to trim their fat asses. If anyone knows where I can get a Skip It… hit me up.




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