Pregnancy Is NOT For Everyone.. Kim Kardashian Edition

23 Apr


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Kim Kardashian pregnant. It was like watching a whale jump out of the water, a scary yet beautiful sight. After seeing this bitch pregnant I never want to even THINK about getting pregnant. I thought Jessica Simpson was bad until I witnessed this slut on ever cover of every magazine. How many small Armenian children were eaten so far in her pregnancy? My guess is around 3…but it’s probably realistically 4. My big question is what the hell Kayne is thinking? I bet he is banging all these skinny bitches laughing his ass off about his whale of a girlfriend. I usually feel kinda bad about talking so much shit (no i don’t) but I hate the Kardashians. I think they are scum sucking fame whores. I refuse to watch the show or even buy any of their shitty overpriced merchandise. The creepy thing is I catch my boyfriend watching ‘Kourtney and Kim’ take Miami all the time. He loves it. The show is so fake I cant stand it. The only thing I DO love about the show is watching Kim cry. She is so ugly when she cries it makes me giggle. I am so scared to see what this baby actually looks like, I just imagine an over weight Kayne midget with a uni brow…does that make sense to anyone else? 













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