I Hate Talking About The Kardashians But I Have To

18 Jun





It happened. I’m surprised we couldn’t hear Kim’s shrieks all the way from LA, as a furry nugget popped out of her dirty undercarriage. I seriously hate taking about the Kardashians but feel as though it’s my civil duty to talk as much shit about them as I can. Like what I don’t get is how people are going WILD over Amanda Bynes being a little “different,” when we have a fame whore who clearly is not mentally stable reproducing. I hate Kim Kardashian so much it isn’t even funny. The fact that her and Kayne had a baby makes me want to gag. RUMOR has it that this little bitch Kim shit out has a name that begins with a K also.. OMG HOW ORIGINAL. We all know its going to be something fucking retarded like, Kash Money or Knotty Slut. 


So what do I think Kim should name her sweet baby angel???

1. Killmenow

2. Krying

3. Kinky

4. Kunt


I would legit love any of those names. What truly bothers me the most is the fact that the nug was 5 weeks early and Kim was still HUGE like Jessica Simpson times 10..I make fun of her now but when I get pregnant I will probably be on best rest. I can’t wait to hear what weight loss deal she gets. My guess is Weight Watchers. I can’t wait to see pictures of this little harry princess it is going to be so ugly and awesome!!





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