I’m Back!! Oh and i’m Getting Married..Seriously

12 Feb

ImageDear Readers out there,

I am so ashamed that I have not blogged in forever. I know I have so many amazing followers (grand total of 5 people most likely, one being my Mom.. Love you Jep) that I want to make sure I try and keep up to date from now on. (It might not happen, sorry) So latest news is that I’m getting married. Yes, yes after dating for what seems like 100 Billion years we are taking the plunge. We are getting married this August in Portsmouth. Planning is going slowly but surely kinda like a speed walking turtle pace, so not that bad. I have a budget that is similar to Kim Kardashian’s so luckily I have people doing everything for me, which is awesome, thank god for money!!! I’ve found my dress, and we found our band so I think the rest is going to fall into place??? RIGHHHHHTTT? I am so sick of people saying that, it’s like every 5 minutes I hear:


Really, so I legit just don’t do anything and it happens for me? That’s legit. Can it be that way for working out too? That would be fucking awesome… That leads to to my next favorite topic…My Wedding diet. Seriously, I love dieting. The whole challenge aspect is a turn on. Who doesn’t like eating leaves 24/7? Flavorless food is the way to go! I feel like a blonde rabbit every time I consume a meal.. It’s kinda play boy bunny ish actually. I think Hef would be into it.

I do have to say I am awfully thankful for my family and friends because if it weren’t for them, JK and I would probably be getting married on the majestic Aberjona in downtown Winchester, wearing trash bags.

I hope everyone continues to read this garbage.. if not i don’t really care.




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