Team Jennifer

10 Mar


The Oscars happened a week ago, and 8 days later I am still bothered by one aspect of the whole show.,Angelina Fucking Jolie denying pizza. She’s beautiful.. I get it. But she’s a whore bag and I can’t get over it. when Ellen ordered pizza and passed it around to the crowd would it have killed her to take a slice and at least look like she was enjoying it. I mean just for the camera for gods sake. What is the last thing Angelina Jolie ate? I mean seriously think about it. Can someone please research it and get back to me? What’s her secret? Infant blood? I’ll buy some. How much? How bad would she look fat.. She’s the kind of person that can only be skinny. Even when she was pregnant she was skinny. I don’t get it. I’m just not into her, I’ve tried for years to like her and i cant. Her lips are dry and she looks bony. I feel like hugging her would give you bruises. I feel like she might be an alien. She’s almost too perfect to look at. I had to rant for a moment.. I hate her so much (Maybe I love her..fuck.)




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